“attune is not just any workplace, its different; it’s fun while at work. It gives you ample opportunities, does not restrict you from trying new things, you are heard and your opinion matters. It’s a close knit group of wonderful people from all over the globe bringing in a plethora of knowledge” Gayathri Shenoy, Consultant – attune India
“attune is like my second home , every day I look forward to meeting up with my extended family- a place full of energetic multi skilled individuals from around the globe, where attune believes in each and every one of us is more than we do on ourselves. This has been the strength of both attune and its employees.” Ahamed Nafran, Consultant – attune Lanka
“The vision & the work culture of attune is what excites me the most. It gives people the opportunity to develop innovative solutions using state of the art Web & Mobile technologies to make a significant difference to businesses of fashion companies renowned globally. People are given the freedom to try out new things and positive results are experienced by individuals & by teams. Personally, this gives me immense satisfactions & the oxygen to work on my next challenging assignment of the company” Tharaka De Alwis, Technical Architect – attune Lanka
“Over 5 years of my career @ attune, work culture and associates around made me responsible for delivering higher standards every time than anybody expects of you. The best thing at attune is that opportunities are so many to choose globally, it retains your vigor to embrace new cultures & challenges” Mohan Ram Rajan, Project Manager – attune India
“Being a part of the attune family for 5 years, I can honestly say that attune provides a dynamic work environment, nurtures leadership skills and inspires one to grow both personally and professionally. I am proud to be a part of this organization!” Amalie Perera, Consultant – attune Lanka
“The culture of freedom with responsibility towards futuristic innovations, blended with unique team spirit, has inspired me working with attune” Ajantha Jayasinghe, Senior Software Engineer – attune Lanka
“The professional, friendly and open culture fostered at attune has definitely enriched my work experience. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge and expertise and the team spirit at attune is infectious. To say that still I enjoy my work, the people I work with and being able to learn something new every day after 9 years is simply amazing” Julianne Grenier, Senior Consultant – attune Lanka
“At attune, the rich experience from global professional consultants can be easily shared which ensures an extraordinary and unique solution. By now, we have successfully finished several projects for the top apparel companies in China and for sure there would be more. So this is the best place for those who are willing to be world-class AFS consultants” Robin Wong, Consultant – attune China
“attune, is an organization which is inclusive. People, are respected for their capabilities and credibility. There is an honest attempt to be inclusive and take everyone along in this exciting journey” Vinod Kumar, Global Products Manager – attune India
“The leaders of attune have been trusted partners since the very first AFS implementation in Sri Lanka. Now that I am part of the family, I am excited to bring this trusted leadership to the fashion and lifestyle community throughout the US and the world. attune’s vision focusses on developing long term partnerships that bring true value to our customer’s long term financial growth.” Ron Hadley, Sr. Manager – Training and OCM – attune USA
“For me, the best aspect of attune is people. You simply can’t ask for better colleagues.” Naveen Ruwanpura, Senior Consultant – attune USA
“I like working for attune, because it allowed me to become an expert in an industry I like and puts me together with interesting people on customer side. It connects me to a whole lot of very different colleagues from different cultures and I'm happy about this lifetime experience. It inspires me working on different / all levels of a consultants skill spectrum and keeps me motivated and it is just FUN.” Peter Tenbuss, Platinum Consultant – attune Germany
“When I first joined attune I already had several years of experience in the consulting world, I was looking for new opportunities for growth, I wanted to have the opportunity to test myself, meet new international realities, have the opportunity to work with colleagues other cultures and other views and experiences. All this has been achieved so far and I see that it is still creating and enriching of ever new possibilities. attune given me the opportunity and I've learned to `use time as a tool, not as an armchair`, these words are not mine but very well summarize my thoughts.” Milo Mencarelli, Consultant – attune Italy
“attune is a great place to work, with many cultures, personalities and talents. At attune we thrive in a collaborative environment that fosters the sharing of expertise at all levels - from technical consultant to CEO. We all learn from one another and together form an unbeatable team.” Kimberly A. MacIntosh, Program Manager – attune USA
“attune is a great company where anyone can grow and learn new skills; it ramps up that great opportunity & it’s collaborative, friendly , people oriented & family friendly environment utterly motivates talented consultants to deliver the finest products.” Nilmini Fernando, Senior Consultant – attune USA
“I am fortunate to be part of the attune family, where we thrive to do the best we can in whatever we do with the complete commitment from all the wonderful members around the world. Different cultural backgrounds and unique experiences our family members bring into the team, always makes an enjoyable and exiting day in the office” Nalanga Jayasuriya, Consulting Manager – attune USA
“Attune offers excellent client facing roles that help you grow as a professional. You grow in confidence with every assignment. You feel sufficiently challenged to bring out the best in you, which is appreciated by your team and also by the customer.” Zeeshan, Umer, Senior Consultant – attune USA
Innovative. Inspired. Exciting. Diverse. 

attune Careers in United States, Sri Lanka, Europe & India 

The global team at attune is empowered to lead and defined by their eagerness to make a difference. As a firm, we recognize that our people are our most important asset, and it is this belief that drives us to provide our employees the tools, support and flexibility to propel their career paths and pursue their passions. 

Join a global team of advisors and take your career to greater heights. 

We are always looking for talented, experienced professionals to join our global team — from those who are still at university to those with technology or consulting experience. If you're looking for the opportunity to be outstanding—we'd love to hear from you.
Growth at attune is driven by performance. In our truly dynamic environment, we believe in recognizing outstanding performers, which encourages individual initiative, continuous learning and employee engagement. Unlike larger consultancy companies, career development at attune is not a classroom exercise with strictly structured programs. Instead, we strategize development activities to reflect individual needs, appreciating the diversity of employee values and aspirations.
No matter your level of experience, your role at attune will offer diverse opportunities - competitive salary packages, the opportunity to work with the best and brightest people from around the globe, and an enviable portfolio of working with globally renowned fashion brands. Along the way, you'll receive ongoing training, mentoring and feedback you need to reach your highest potential. As a result, you will inspire and push boundaries to deliver enduring results for our clients.
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